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Derby Lane TRO.

PDNPA have placed a TRO on Derby lane. This lane was an important part of a route which fed the local businesses in Monyash, Bakewell. The APTR pointed this out within it's consultation. In particular, the local cafe is sure to miss the business this lane generated for the area. Yet again decisions are being made that affect the tourism trade and risk job security in the rural community. The picture below shows happier times for this area.


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A new Government Petition is under way to ask that it be a legal requirement that no more un surfaced / unsealed roads open to vehicles can be closed by local authorities without a replacement facility or lane being opened. Without something like this put in place by the Government we expect cases of illegal riding to rise. These riders need somewhere allocated to ride that ensures everyone's safety. To close these facilities and do nothing to provide places for riders to enjoy their leisure pursuit is not an option in our opinion.

Read and sign the Petition.


More legal lanes face possible closure.

Two more rights of way are under consultation for closure by Peak District National Park Authority. Derby lane near Bakewell and Washgate at Flash near Buxton. In both cases local businesses would be adversely affected. We have pointed this out to the local authority (PDNPA). They have still proposed a full traffic restriction order for both lanes, which by doing so leads us to ask the question, Do they care about local businesses and jobs in within our local rural community ?

Washgate in particular is a well known tourist attraction for motorcycle trail riders. We would compare the closure of this lane in particular to closing a major ride or attraction to visitors in a park, or even a theme park. Our research shows that this closure really would be that damaging !  We are at a loss to understand the logic that would make this reasonable for an authority to do.

The closure of further lanes to an already low number of legal lanes in our opinion sends a message that the Peak Park of Derbyshire is Closed for business to bikers. We are not aware of any attempt by PDNPA to open alternative routes to facilitate these tourists. We feel the authority is failing in it's duty to promote and provide facilities to attract a varied spectrum of tourist types to the area and It's duties to protect the interests of local businesses and jobs.


Brushfield / Monsal lane To be closed to Vehicles

Following an enquiry Derbyshire Council have decided that Brushfield should be downgraded a bridleway. This is another nail in the coffin for our local associated businesses. This yet another attack on local tourism by slashing an already low number of lanes open to mo11221580 1097728550251371 6258800124018053448 ntorcycle tourists.

Having read the Brushfield report, we are concerned with many aspects and assumptions made by the authorities within this and many other consultations which lead us to believe that they have little understanding of motorcycle riding, machine potential and level of impact on various surfaces as these appear findings are typically over exaggerated.

In addition there seems to be a an overall lack of understanding of motorcycle trail riding as a whole, as well as the consequences of simply closing historic routes and simply walking away from the situation and responsibility of the reduction of legal lanes as tourist and local rider facilities, as well as the negative impact to local businesses.

For the purpose of analogy. If the authorities were to close all the sporting and park facilities they should not be surprised if people took to playing football or other sports in the streets.





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Despite our efforts the PDNPA have gone ahead and placed the Traffic Restriction signs on Leys lane . This is now the 4th lane closed this way in an apparent effort to give bikers the boot from the Derbyshire lanes. 

The Association of Peak Trail riders have pointed out to the PDNPA that we have 53 local businesses that rely either partly, or in whole on motorcycle tourism. It appears by this action they refusing to listen to the very people who pay their taxes and rates to Derbyshire and The Peak District. Bikers tell us they will simply go elsewhere and spend their money where they are made to feel more welcome. Places such as Wales or even Spain and France are set to gain financially by our falure to accommodate their needs in this area.


Picture by Jon Lee : Andrew Richardson gives the thumbs down.



Leyburn Demonstration 4/1/2015 Raises over £2,500


A fantastic days work fund raising was had when the West Yorkshire lane riders got together to raise awareness of their concerns for trail riding and the issues the riders face, which includes lane closures and the hassle they say they get from the police which they feel is unreasonable.

Over £2,500 was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

This success means that this kind of demonstration could be rolled out country wide in an effort to raise yet more cash for worthy causes such as this, and to highlight that trail riders are a legal group of countryside users that have a legitimate right to use a reasonable amount of the countryside.


  Trail riding faces yet another closure in the Peaks.



Over 120 years of trail riding.

Brian (right ) Started trail riding over 50 years ago. Pictured here (right) with his two sons , Steve (Centre) with 40 years trail riding and Andrew (left) 30 years Trail riding experience.

Leys Lane in Great Longstone is under threat from closure. Our information is that PDNPA say it must be closed to vehicles.

Brian (82) said "I don't understand what the problem is. I have used this lane on and off for over 50 years and despite the traffic it doesn't seem to have changed in appearance much at all, So why close it ? "

We are asking the same Brian ! It is rumoured that the other part of the lane Cherpit lane is to remain open to traffic. This will in effect make it a cul de sac as walkers tend to use this area to park their Vehicles.

Photo by Hugh Clearly. Bikes: Coventry Eagle. Yamaha Serow.


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